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Johnny Sparkles is by far the BEST cleaning service I’ve ever had. I know this is a least my 8th year of having them clean my home. John Kipilo is the owner and he’s always very accommodating with schedule changes and last minute add dates or special requests. He makes sure I have service before all major holidays. His staff is courteous, efficient, thorough, friendly and most importantly – trustworthy. I have no concerns about allowing them to clean when I’m not home. In fact, I even set them up with their own code to enter my house when I’m not home. Seriously – if you’re looking for an outstanding service – call them. They even do WINDOWS! I’m a real customer. ~Danise Hetland, Folsom

“I just don’t have to worry about anything! Johnny Sparkles is dependable, accommodating and their staff are quite professional and nice every time. I have left special request notes or had to call the office and they are so easy to work with in arranging special needs. They are great!” ~Sandra Rodriguez, Empire Ranch, Folsom

“I’m never home when they clean, and I never had an issue! They treat my home as special as they would treat their own. The cleaning is always thorough, and I can leave notes with special requests which they handle every time. John is always cheerful and accommodating with my special requests and schedule changes.” ~Judith Littlejohn, Lexington Hills, Folsom

“This is my third company and I intend to keep them! They’ll do exactly what you want. I like knowing that I have the same day and same time every week. I am spoiled having the same crew, who I really like, clean my home. The office is fabulous, very receptive to any changes, and very accommodating. Even when my normal cleaning day had fallen on a holiday, John worked with me to make sure I received my cleaning before the holiday! Everyone in Johnny Sparkles is trustworthy, reliable, and friendly. They are in my home quite often when I am not home…and I don’t worry.” ~Melissa Haubner, Promontory, El Dorado Hills

“We have been using Johnny Sparkles for about 10 years and we are really happy with the service, the open communication and their willingness to accommodate us. Stephanie and team come every week, clean the whole house and make beds and smile while they’re doing it. They are always on time, are sensitive to any changes that need to be made and are kind. We have recommended Johnny Sparkles to many of our friends and quite a few have also hired them. They have also done deep cleaning, windows and carpet cleaning for us and when we call the office, they return our calls promptly. If you’re looking for a cleaning company, I highly recommend Johnny Sparkles. Thank you, Johnny Sparkles for your hard work, patience and your happy hearts.” ~Michelle Flowers, Broadstone, Folsom

“To a great company thank you. Teresa and team are the best. For years you have cleaned my home every week. You guys are fabulous. Thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail. You guys love to clean and it shows how much you like your job and each other. Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you.” ~Robin Masten, El Dorado Hills

“Been using Johnny Sparkle since I moved to Folsom four years ago. The absolute best cleaning company in Sacramento County. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who needs their house or apartment (had both since I moved here) cleaned. From bathrooms to kitchens to carpets and everything in between, nothing makes me happier than opening the door and seeing a dust and spot free place of residence after Johnny’s staff (who are extremely professional and if you are there, have no problem communicating with you) are done cleaning it. The prices are excellent as well, and last time they cleaned my place, they even took some money off since I was wrong on my estimate of how big the carpet was. Most businesses would have just charged me anyways and not even cared.” ~Roy Lucier, Folsom


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