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Why waste your weekends cleaning? Let Johnny and his team “sparkle” your house clean.

We are RELIABLE – We will always come on the day we are scheduled
We are FLEXIBLE – We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and on-call services to meet your needs
We are TRUSTWORTHY – Our service providers are bonded and insured for extra peace of mind

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 Professional Quality – Personal Services – Residental House Cleaning “What we do”


• Remove items from counter tops and scrub

• Scrub sink basin

• Scrub toilet

• Scrub tub

• Scrub shower

• Clean all mirrors (wall and hand mirrors)

• Wipe front of cabinets

• Wipe bathroom baseboards

• Wipe light switch covers

• Front and back of doors cleaned

• Window sills and blinds dusted

• Dust all items on counters


• Remove everything from counter tops and scrub counters

• Clean burners, stove top and oven door

• Clean inside microwave

• Scrub sink basin

• Wipe the fronts of “Lower” cabinets

• Wipe around handles of “Upper” cabinets

• Dust coffee maker, canisters, toaster and outside toaster oven, etc.

• Wipe kitchen tables and chairs

• Wipe handle and surrounding area of refrigerator

• Wipe inside sliding glass door and windows above sink

• Wipe light switch covers

• Wipe pantry door and other doors

• Door to garage (inside only)


• Move right, then left

• Up to 3 items only put in dishwasher

– We do not wash dishes


• Wipe top and front of washer and dryer

• Wipe counter and sink

– We do not move clothes or fold laundry



• Vacuum all carpets (includes stairs)

– Move foot stools and rocking chairs

• Vacuum and wet mop all bare floors


• Wipe all horizontal painted surfaces w/ degreaser

– Includes window sills, door jams, base of balusters and light switch covers

• Wipe all horizontal glass surfaces w/ glass cleaner

– Includes hanging mirrors and mirrored closets up to 6’

• Wipe and polish all horizontal surfaces of finished furniture

– Move everything on master dresser, coffee table, and bedroom end tables. Other areas that have five (5) or more items will be dusted around items.

• Window coverings:

– Blinds are Swiffer-dusted

– Shutters are wiped with a towel

• Use Swiffer duster on ceiling fans and tables with tablecloths

• Electronic Equipment:

– Use polish rag on back of television and computer monitors

– Do not clean the fronts of television and monitors because of special care requirements


• Vacuum around items

• Will push to the side or put on the bed if amount is within reason (Less than 25% = amount within reason)


• Carpet Cleaning

• Window Cleaning

• Move-outs / Move-ins

• Ovens / Refrigerators

• Laundry/Free pick-up and delivery

Call 916-276-4280 for FREE Cleaning Estimate

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